A World of Ice and Fire

Medieval 2: Total War Modification based on A Song of Ice and Fire

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#1 A World of Ice and Fire

Post by Parafix » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:20 pm

A World of Ice and Fire, a project by Myself and Parafix built on the various works of George RR Martin, spanning from the Age of Heroes to a Dream of Spring and from Westeros to Asshai. Using the Map of Ice and Fire (by yours truly) we aim to cover every era of the books vast history; eventually making new maps made specifically for Essos and the Jade Sea and beyond. By the old gods and the new we shall mod every corner of this world.

Thread is still under construction and will be updated regularly with new content/previews/etc. Thanks for reading - SoulGamesInc

A Map of Ice and Fire, my pet project of sorts, building a map of Westeros and the coast of Essos to allow for multiple scenarios on a grander scale than previously allowed. The Age of Heroes, Andal Invasion, War of Conquest, Dance of Dragons, Blackfyre Rebellions and everything beyond. The map as a clean slate can be filled with characters to fill every conflict across the ages. A true Map of Ice and Fire.

Keep updated with the Map of Ice and Fires ever ongoing progress via it's own personal thread!- http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?752035

With Aegon Targaryen landing in Westeros, Jon Stark being reborn and the Faith Militant holding Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister, the distant sweet dreams of spring seems far off as winter approaches with a vengeance and dark things come with it. The Reach faces the might of the Iron Fleet. Lord Baelish plots from his high seat of the Eyrie. The Riverlands are in turmoil. Nothing but winter is certain as the seven kingdoms plunges once more into chaos.

Download the latest version here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/8lrdw4...amofSpring.rar - and rep the modders responsible, least they rebel and kill everyone!

A Dream of Spring team leader - Parafix
Map - SoulGamesInc - With thanks to Gigantus for his guides
Units - AdmiralThrawn, Crociato78, Mr_Nygren, VltimaRatio
v0.1 Placeholders (PettyKings) - AdmiralThrawn and his team
Faction descriptions - Blue1924
Faction Select symbols - Luume
Loading Screen art - Lifthrasir
Traits, Ancillaries, Portraits - Parafix
Tyrell Portraits - Luume
Desc_strat - SoulGamesInc & Parafix
Custom Settlement Strat models - Inarus
Scripts - Parafix - With thanks to Gigantus
Building Artwork - SoulGamesInc
Faction Banners - SoulGamesInc

A shoutout to AdmiralThrawn and the Age of Petty Kings team for allowing us to use some stuff as temporary placeholders to rush along the 0.1 alpha release, make sure to check out their mod via the link provided. We'll be sure to leave mention of you chaps in our credits as thanks even after the placeholders are replaced. If anyone feels we've missed any due credit, please contact me Asap...

If you wish to use any work from A Dream of Spring, permission to do so must first be acquired from the respective owners. PM for details.

Aegon I Targaryen summoned his friends, bannermen, and principal allies to attend him on Dragonstone. This modest host put ashore at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush, on the northern bank where three wooded hills rose above a small fishing village. Aegon quickly threw up a log-and-earth palisade around the highest of the three hills and dispatched his sisters to secure the submission of the nearest castles. The Black Dread descended and the War of Conquest began in earnest.

COMING SOON! The next project on the lineup after Dream of Spring, stay tuned for updates on it and other settings being planned.

Interested in helping with one or more of our projects? We may be able to make use of your time and talents, depending on what needs doing exactly. All are welcome to contact Myself or Parafix or simply post on this thread if they are willing to assist, with or without past modding experience, but ideally with some past work to show off. We'll be sure to announce if any 'major' roles are actively available. Thanks for reading.

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