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#51 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Berry Knight » Tue May 22, 2018 4:43 pm

Fellow Lords and Ladies of Westeros, please move your diplomats away from Pentos, and closer to Braavos.
Reason being, the diplomats are not meant to be spies, hence them being in Essos. Its still possible to spy on the Targaryens currently.
So, out of fairness, I would like you all to move your diplomats north, out of range of Pentos to be exact.
If any of you need to do diplomacy with Targaryen, they will be moving their diplomats up as well.

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Post by Alertlord » Tue May 22, 2018 8:48 pm

The City of Pentos has fallen to the might of the Dragon. The Dothraki were quick to storm through the Sunrise gate once it had been breached and slaughter the inhabitants inside from the wealthy, prestigious traders to the powerful Magisters who had ruled the city and prospered... until now. Their feeble estates and palaces were left to the mercy of the Dothraki, taking everything of which wasn't nailed down while butchering the 'servants' within the city and taking those who survived as their own.

Visery's had made it abundantly clear that the merchant Illyrio Mopatis estates and goods shall be spared from the onslaught for his generosity to Viserys and his sister Daenerys for most of their youth, however, the Dothraki made no mind to what 'Khal Rhae Mhar' had ordered them NOT to do. For the flames and rising smoke emitting from the ruins of the city went on for miles along the coastline as for the wailing and screams echoed to the edges of the Ghoyan Drohe.

"I am no longer the Beggar King." Viserys thought to himself, he remained still for a few moments repeating the title again and again within his head before a firm shove tapped his arm. It was none other than the immoral savage who married his sister... Khal Drogo with his blood riders beside him, he was covered with dried dark blood and stunk to high heaven of rotten fruit. He had brought a gift, a man of high stature, well fed, with thick dyed red hair while donning what was once exotic wonderful bright colours but now stained and ruined with blood and muck, the Khal had waited before talking in a slow-paced thick accent "We have brought a gift... Rhae." he idly pointed with his arkah and muttered again "The Prince of Pen-tos."

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#53 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by SoulGamesInc » Wed May 23, 2018 2:36 am

"RIVERRUN!" Edmure Tully reared his horse and signaled the assault. They had near 600 or so mounted knights split up into three sections each led by a trusted captain. The enemy numbered around 400 if reports could be believed, but whatever the number they'd be no better than bandits and ill equipped to stand against true knights. At Edmures signal the charge began, taking the enemy camp completely by surprise.

"There can be no bravery without fear." Edmure thought to himself before adding his voice to the charge. "FOR RIVERRUN!"

He heard a faint scream as his horse trampled over a bedroll, no doubt killing or crippling the poor bastard laying inside. Edmure's eyes widened at the realization but the moment was cut short of a volley of arrows, a few striking his raised shield while the others stuck the horse, causing it to buck him off onto the cold forest floor below with a dull thud.

"Aaaarrrrhhh!" A bandit screamed as he charged Edmure with what could only be described as a very worn iron sword.

The rush, the excitement, the fear. All these things and more passed into the Tully's heart and out through every motion of his blade, but the moment he drew his sword deep into the chest of his first kill was the moment the reality of true battle revealed itself to him, replacing the rush with dread and the excitement with sorrow. This was not a game. Not a song, as the mummers told...

A captains call snapped him back into focus, removing his blade from the bandits chest. His eyes darted. Searching. The battle raged on around him with the initial shock of killing his first man soon beginning to wear off after the third or forth kill, thinking of nothing but survival.

"Shit!" Edmure thought to himself as an arrow shot past him, forcing him to raise his shield and charge the archer. The archer was a bloody good shot but in the woods and surrounded by enemies at close range, the mans bow quickly became a disadvantage as Edmure closed the gap between them. "Fucking archers." Edmure spoke aloud to himself and got back to feet after having tackled the man to the ground, making quick work of him. He took a moment to catch his breath and survey the battle and from all accounts it seemed to be going well enough, the bandits clearly no match for an organized force of true knights, yet alone one lead by a Tully such as him.

"Where's the Mountain?!" Edmure asked of a captain, grabbing his shoulder and the mans attention.

"Gone m'lord!" The captain replied, breathing heavily. "He fled, further to the south!"

Edmure muttered a cruse. Clegane had escaped! Although, straight towards the King and hopefully the mans justice. If not? House Tully refused to let this go unpunished. Edmure vowed to hunt Clegane to the ends of the earth if needed. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!
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Post by King of Dawn » Wed May 23, 2018 2:02 pm

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#55 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Berry Knight » Wed May 23, 2018 2:40 pm

Clear save sent to Lannister

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Post by Narsil » Fri May 25, 2018 8:23 pm

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#57 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Greystark111 » Fri May 25, 2018 11:01 pm

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#58 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Gimli » Sat May 26, 2018 6:59 pm

A heavy gallop was heard in the rear. Stark Guards immediately turned to face. Ten Gold Cloaks came to a hefty stop on the Kings Road. One of the Watchmen trotted forward, "Lord Stark. King Robert has called for you to return to the Capital immediately to be placed under House Arrest until the King returns from War."

Ned's greatest fear had come true, had Robert truly changed? Jory stepped forward, "You lot will turn around and tell them you didn't find Lord Stark, My Lord will not ---"

"Jory. If my King commands i return to Kings Landing, I will go to Kings Landing. Take the rest of the guard, and ride for the Riverlands. Don't stop for anyone. Find Hoster, tell him what has happened, tell him the truth."

Ned reached down unclasping Ice's scabbard from his saddle, "This sword has been passed down from Stark generation to the next, make sure Robb gets it. Jory, i have one more thing", Lord Stark reached into his saddle bag, bringing out a very large piece of parchment, "This is for my wife should i not return."

"My Lord....", shockingly sighed Jory

"Don't worry about me lad. If my time has come, so be it. Go. Before it's to late." Ned said as he trotted forward, surrendering himself to the Gold Cloaks.


Sansa had been riding for days to at her fathers orders.

"Please. Can we stop. I want to go back to the Capital! I'm suppose to marry the Prince" Sansa cried, sobbing after her Father sent her and Arya to Riverrun, not wanting to lose children if Kings Landing was taken.

"Sorry My Lady, Lord Stark's orders. We must keep riding until we have reached Harrenhall.", unknown to the guards or girls, was Ned had just surrendered himself to Roberts House Arrest in Kings Landing.

They continued along the Kingsroad, riding hard.


Ned was escorted to one of the large rooms in Meagors Holdfast.

"These are you're quarters Lord Stark", grunted one of the City Watchmen, opening the door, revealing a very spacious room, "Guards will be stationed outside should you need anything"

Ned stepped through the door, walking to a nearby desk with a quill, and parchment atop. Immediately he began writing.


Ned surrenders himself to Kings Landing at his Kings command.

Bolton Up.
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#59 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Loose Cannon » Sun May 27, 2018 12:23 pm

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#60 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Panda_Slayer » Mon May 28, 2018 9:55 am

Can I get a day extension sorry but got home at ten from basketball and had to finish an internal. The save'll be up tomorrow

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