[RPHS] The Beggar King

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#1 [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Parafix » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:45 pm

The Beggar King
Mod Download
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YweyN ... xII5T3TaUl

Admin Position

Player Positions

House Targaryen
House Baratheon
House Stark
House Bolton
House Greyjoy
King of Dawn
House Arryn
House Tyrell
House Hightower
House Martell
House Lannister
House Tully

Updated every 10 turns

£10 Steam Gift Card
10 Reputation
1 HS victory sword medal

Each faction will be held responsible for keeping it's finances under control. If any faction goes bankrupt, the following fines will be issued.
-4000 = Troop Desertion
-8000 = Forced loan from the Iron Bank to 0 Gold with 10 turn repayment +20% interest
-12000 = Faction Destruction

Captured Generals & Trial by Combat
You may capture enemy generals by either surrounding the unit or by providing evidence that the general can be killed in battle.
Captured Generals may be held hostage indefinitely.
Captured Generals may not be moved from Castle to Castle.
Captured Generals may not be executed if enemies are 1 turn or less from the settlement they are held prisoner in.
The captured General has right to pay for his ransom or for a Trial by Combat.
When captured, the player may choose whether to seal the captured generals items immediately.
If a Trial by Combat is called, the captured general has all items restored for said trial.
If a captured general calls for a TBC and is refused, 5 turns later the general will have 20% chance on escaping every turn.
Captured Generals may be ransomed to the Iron Bank to pay off debts, exceeding no more than 5000 gold per General.
Captured Generals will be appointed castles to in which they are held and may be freed.
If a general or agent is held captive at turn 1, they must represent themselves in trial by combat.

Any diplomats starting next to Pentos for any faction, must stay in the region territory. They may not bribe, they are for diplomatic agreements only.
Princesses may not steal enemy Generals unless agreed upon by both factions for marriage agreements (Ask the admin)
Merchants need at least 30% to put other merchants out of business.

You may loot items, animals, weapons and armor when killing an enemy general. Lordships, titles etc cannot be taken. This will be done on admin turns.

Valyrian Steel Swords
Valyrian Swords for sale from the Iron Bank: Dark Sister, Brightroar, Talon, Thorn, Lamentation all for 5000 Gold each.
House Lannister may reforge Ice for 5000 Gold to Oathkeeper and Widows Wail.
House Martell receives Dawn if Gerold Dayne achieves 6 Star Command without +Command from ancillaries.

RP Situations
Both generals start on the edges of the map with the Prisoner trait. They will join their related factions under these conditions only.
Jon Snow: Robb Stark, Bran Stark and Rickon Stark are dead.
Euron Greyjoy: Balon Greyjoy is dead.
Eddard Stark has the information on Jaime and Cersei Lannisters incest, in which is his choice to use.
Tyrion is held captive at the Vale. Lannister may send any general to represent him in TBC. :D

Iron Throne Claimant
If a faction chooses to push it’s claim for the Iron Throne, the following may be granted to his own generals or allies. None of which can be provided to more than one general.
Crown (1) - 1000 Gold
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard (1)
Kingsguard (7) - (With armor) Can be appointed to Allies. 2000 Gold per KG.
Warden of the North (1)
Warden of the South (1)
Warden of the West (1)
Warden of the East (1)
House Greyjoy will not unable to gain Kingsguard ancillaries unless representing another house.

RP Rules
No adoptions allowed.
Every faction must take the safety of their close relatives above all else. (No attacking factions with relatives held captive)
Marriage alliances with direct family houses may not be broken unless one dies.
Forced marriage alliances through captives does not affect the above rule.
The commander ancillaries can only be switched to a different general in the event of death or capture.
Lord Commander of the King/Queensguard may only be transferred in the event of the generals death.
Other houses may join these kingdoms at their own free choice as long as within related held territory.
Kingsguard cannot be stripped of their position unless their house revolts against their king.

RP Alliances
House Stark cannot break fealty to House Baratheon unless Robert or Eddard dies
House Lannister cannot break fealty to House Baratheon unless Joffrey and Tommen die.
House Greyjoy cannot attack House Stark while Theon Greyjoy is prisoner.
House Hightower cannot break fealty to House Tyrell unless sworn to a separate King and vice versa.
House Baratheon and House Targaryen cannot ally under any circumstances.
House Bolton cannot break fealty to House Stark unless sworn to separate Kings.

Unique Admin Commands
give_ancillary "name" admin_curse - For trading generals between factions
give_trait "name" Crippled 1 - Cuts off a hand if injured in trial by combat or captor wants to be mean
give_trait "name" Fighter 1 - Wins a trial by combat
give_trait "name" Duelist 1 - Wins two trials by combat

Iron Bank and the Free Cities
Iron Bank will be controlled by the Admin.
Free Cities will start with 100,000 Gold, it will not be assisted with admin powers. The Iron Bank will look for profit where it see's fit.
Trade Agreements are allowed with the Free Cities.
Loan interest at fixed rate of 20%.
Loans can only be granted via Diplomat at Braavos or you may request a Diplomat to come to you.
Iron Bank fleet may not be attacked unless blockading you or your allies port.
You may not steal or kill Free City Diplomats..
The Free cities will not be involved militarily, only financially funding sides or blockading ports.
The Free cities may not be attacked with the exception of House Targaryen. (Not Braavos you slags)
If a Free City is held by Targaryen, it may be attacked and captured by anyone..
Mercenary Companies or Fleets will not be sold to players.
The Iron Bank may reclaim it’s money at any means necessary.
The Iron Throne starts with a default 10,000 gold debt which has to be repaid before any future loans.

Generic Rules
Pm the next player in the turn order when completing your turn.
Turn orders are strictly 24 hours per turn.
3 strike rule of being late without notification / request for either sub or extension.
Destroying buildings is not allowed unless;
You are a foreign religion destroying opposing religious buildings. (No athiest factions)
2 forts per region per faction.
5 units per fort with atleast 100 men per unit. (Exception granted to Generals)
No sailing around blockaded ports without defeating enemy fleeting blockading.
No bug or exploit abuse. Contact an admin if you believe this has been violated.
Admin has final say on what is a bug or exploit. Non-player Rangers can be contacted for assistance on ruling if required.
Armies may not be hidden in ships at port.
No sallying forth a siege to prevent your enemy from sacking settlement.
No sallying forth a siege if the result is a defeat.
Post pictures of battle odds, involved armies, their banners and the results.
No gifting settlements under threat of enemy attack. (Range of one turn)
Gifted settlements must disband all garrisoned units except one.
Armies defeated by player (B) that comes after player (A) in turn order cannot move or sally forth sieges. They may reinforce battles.
No laying siege to a defeated army with a force less than half the size of a defending army.
No blocking enemy force retreats.
No stomping of agents.
No watchtowers allowed.
No excessive reloading.
No heroic victories.

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#2 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by King of Dawn » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:50 pm

GJ, Bolton, Hightower pls

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#3 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Alertlord » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:02 pm

Targaryen, Bolton, Martell.
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#4 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Gimli » Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:55 am

House Stark preferably or if not House Tully.

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#5 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Panda_Slayer » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:43 am

I'd like arryn or lannister any position is welcome though

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#6 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Parafix » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:03 pm

Lanny or GJ

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#7 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Jiub » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:24 am

House Hightower 8-)

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#8 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Alertlord » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:43 am

Jiub wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:24 am
House Hightower 8-)
You need to ask for two or three factions, you can't just ask for one of them.

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#9 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by SoulGamesInc » Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:06 pm

Alertlord wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:43 am
You need to ask for two or three
No you don't, just helps assign factions easier if you pick more than 1 preference.
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#10 Re: [RPHS] The Beggar King

Post by Parafix » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:23 pm

Rules added, mod should be ready by tomorrow. At the latest Wednesday on my day off from work.

Just to add a side note, starting armies reflect the Dothraki Hordes strength and the conflict between House Tully and Lannister. Other houses still need to rally their banners.

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