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Post by SoulGamesInc » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:33 pm

First Ranger: SoulGamesInc
Ranger: Joerock22
Ranger: Berry Knight
Ranger: Narsil

Multiplayer Staff (otherwise known as Rangers) are those among the community most dedicated to running Seven Realms multiplayer games/events. We manage the various multiplayer aspects of games as a group of like minded players aiming to create a better gaming experience for all involved. The First Ranger serves as Multiplayer staffs lead; directing his fellow Rangers to run games and community events with various prizes.

It's a primary role of Rangers to organize the management of Multiplayer Events, spanning all types of games designed for different experience levels; offering various rewards. Any official event usually offers Reputation / Signatures / Medals and, naturally, bragging rights. Keep an eye out and join our next event for a chance to win fabulous prizes and prove your skill in glorious battle!

Interested in joining the Rangers? Follow the instructions and fill in an Application!

(Application Coming Soon)
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