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#1 Welcome to Hotseats | Introduction

Post by SoulGamesInc » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:21 pm

Welcome to Hotseating

As a solo player, you had it easy. You blitzed the AI. You turtled against the AI. You laughed as they tried to use anything remotely resembling intelligence. You conquered your computer opponents in every conceivable fashion. When endless stacks marched against you, you directed your forces on the battlefield and personally left the ground littered with enemy corpses. You came, you played, you conquered.

Enter a world of chaos and intrigue, of wonder and death. Only the clever among you will survive here, in this tumultuous land where every decision could lead to glorious victory or utter destruction. It is not enough to be a great tactician. You must learn every aspect of military strategy, from the grandest of concepts to the minutest of details. Armies must be moved wisely, agents trained and deployed, diplomacy carefully cultivated. Your economy must be a golden industry, driving your empire to impossible heights.

Through it all, you'll now test your mettle against living, breathing humans.

Do you hold to honor and expect your allies to do the same? Or are you a knife in the dark, plunging into the backs of those who least expect it? The choices are yours. All you need to do is join. Join a Hotseat Campaign. Experience Total War at its most breathtaking, and embrace the intricacies which capture men’s souls... or drive them mad... Your destiny awaits you. Do you have the courage to claim it?

Want to join a Hotseat? You can post and state your interest in any hotseat thread in any section,
Always remember to state as which faction you want to join. Happy Hotseating!

Want to start a Hotseat? First check out our Hotseat forums or any listed open spots in already ongoing games. If you want to take over one of the open spots, ask the admin of that hotseat or post in the thread. All are welcome to join so don't be shy! To start your own hotseat, create a thread in the Westeros / Third Age / Dragon Age section using other thread layouts as examples.

Information that must be in every Hotseat:
Hotseat Name
Admin and Co-Admin
Hotseat Description
Mod + Setting

Before you start a Hotseat, you have to be mindful of a few things, listed below for your convenience
Your responsible for your game. You will be accountable if the Hotseat is struggling and Staff may step in if needed
1: Hotseats must have a non-player admin before a thread is opened -> all threads without admins will be closed immediately.
2: Admins must PM (Private Message) the First Ranger or Lord Commander with a copy of the Admins Password, for sake keeping.
3: It is recommended, but not required, to have a non-player co-admin. Much like 2, 3 is for added security.
4: Always check if Replacements are needed elsewhere. You may help us more by filling those spots!
5: Rangers may intervene if any game is struggling to find enough players or if there are are too many open spots in general.
6: Any hotseat must fill 100% of advised spots and the Admin must share his code with the First Ranger before the game can begin.

Want to be sure your hotseat fills all the necessary steps? Send a PM (Private Message) to any member of Multiplayer Staff before you start your thread and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! The First Ranger (Me) has nothing better to do right now, so don't hesitate annoying him. I wont bite. Hard. If you've any questions, the best rule of thumb is to ask your local Ranger!

A list of all currently open Hotseat spots can be fround via the link below
- Coming Soon -

Unlike Total War Center, the Seven Realms doesn't forbid the use of Swearing. We're not children.
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