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#1 Introduction to DATW

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:46 am
by Magister Augustus
A Dragon Age-themed total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. Featuring 21 distinct factions from BioWare's world of Thedas, each stocked with a unique and fascinating roster and gameplay, as well as familiar insights into characters from the Dragon Age world and more. The end goal of this mod is to create a unique slant on the intriguing world of Thedas, normally seen in famous RPGs such as Dragon Age: Origins, or Dragon Age Inquisition. The world BioWare has created has many more aspects than shown in the games, and this mod will attempt to portray the unique aspects, cultures, nations, and more of the Dragon Age setting.

Thus far, extensive work has been done on the 2d art aspect of the mod, and much programming work as well. We are at the phase where we are ready to take the total conversion to the next level. We plan on changing nearly every aspect of the game from vanilla Medieval 2 to a Dragon Age setting.

The detailed unit roster can be found here:

Unit Roster

It should be noted that there have been two or three attempts in the past to create a Dragon Age: Total War mod. Every attempt has so far failed for varying reasons, however, the community's interest has not waned. So far, this mod has more content to it's name than the previous attempts, and, very soon, will hopefully soon have much more.

Mod Discord:

Our full faction list is the following:
-Tevinter Imperium
-Qunari of Par-Vollen
-Chasind Wilders
-Horde of Urthemiel
-Dwarves of Orzammar
-City-State of Kirkwall
-City-State of Starkhaven
-Dwarves of Kal-Sharok
-Kingdom of the Anderfels
-Kingdom of Ferelden
-Empire of Orlais
-Dalish Elf Clans
-Grey Wardens
-Templar Order
-Kingdom of Nevarra
-Merchant-Principality of Antiva
-Tribal Kingdom of Rivain
-Tribes of Seheron
-Venatori Order
-The Inquisition
-Andrastian Chantry

Currently, it is myself, SoulGamesInc, Flipdark95, MrrRandomDude, and Ckorvus who comprise the team working on this mod. We are searching extensively for eager 3d modelers, a VFX manager, and a battle map creator. Additionally, those with campaign and AI scripting skills are also in demand.

Credits so far:

BioWare, for the world of Thedas, and Dragon Age series/lore, as well as video games and creative content

-Creative Assembly for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms

-The Divide and Conquer submod for TATW

-Third Age Total War

-Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times

-Cedric37 for basic UI pages

-Fourth Age Total War

-Deviant art and various artists on the internet.

#2 Re: Introduction to DATW

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:50 am
by Magister Augustus
Note that within the coming weeks there will be unit, UI, strat models, and hopefully map previews all in the development section of the subforum. Comments or questions about the mod may be left both here and within the different threads of the development section.

Also, if anyone has 3Ds Max, we are looking for some extra hands in converting models from the Dragon Age game. Assistance will be rewarded.