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#1 Code of Chivalry

Post by Parafix » Sun May 06, 2018 8:22 am

Code of Chivalry

Responsibilities of Knighthood.

1) To partake and maintain healthy discussion and debate on how to improve and advance the community.
- Bringing your views into ongoing discussions no matter what they are.
- Creating threads on agenda's you personally wish to see implemented.
- To assist expanding and designing the websites Terms of Service policy.

2) To vote on agendas put forward to the Round Table. Votes may be around any range of possibilities below;
- Matters regarding website TOS changes.
- Knighting Squires to join the order.
- Implementation of new medals.
- Opening new forum sections.
- Rewarding medals to members of the community.
- Voting on a Grand Maester for 3 month terms.

3) To represent the community in a responsible and appropriate way.
- Behavior in public and private forums to be expected of a higher standard.
- To be welcoming and helpful to new members of the community.
- To maintain a level of decency in discussions and debates.

4) Deciding judgement on Knights who have broken the code.
- Putting forward evidence to the Grand Maester privately on knights misconduct.
- If misconduct is deemed worthy of voting on stripping a knights rank, the Grand Maester will put forward a vote to decide his fate.
- To maintain a civil process throughout such processes.

Knighthood decisions and involvement.

1) Knights are capable of proposing most decisions based on the sites direction.
- Website layout
- Terms of Service
- New Forums
- New Medals
- Possible new Staff sections
- Staff non-disclosure policy
- Moderation actions and involvement
- Changes to the Code of Chivalry
- Anything else you can think of.

2) Some matters will have an overruling hand by Parafix or may not be in the realm of Knighthood decisions.
- Hotseat management and control is strictly in the hands of the Ranger team.
- Allowance of illegal, racist, homophobic, sexist or anything else deemed inappropriate will not be allowed.
- Ongoing matters of moderation or actions of members of staff.
- Staff related matters. (This is for heads of department and Parafix to deal with)


1) Squires are recruited by Knights, who they deem worthy of joining the order after a trial period of 3 months.
- A Knight may have only one squire at a time.
- They must announce to the Grand Maester who their newly recruited squire is.
- Grand Maester will record details into the Squire thread.
- After a period of three months, you may put forward a vote, providing all evidence of their commitment and accomplishments.
- Squires who fail being knighted may try again after 3 additional months.
- Squires are expected to uphold all standards of Knighthood.
- Squires may debate matters, but may not vote.

Grand Maesters

1) Grand Maesters are elected knights who manage and maintain the Knighthood forums.
- An elected Knight who takes on the responsibilities of the order for a period of 3 months.
- To create and manage matters brought forward to vote.
- To maintain an updated list of squires in the related thread.
- To maintain updated households.
- To appoint an additional Maester to assist with day to day activities.

2) Maesters are assistants to the Grand Maester.
- Must be a knight or Squire to be appointed to the role.
- Appointed by the Grand Maester for the duration of their own position. (3 Months)
- Has the same responsibility as Grand Maesters with the exception of putting forward votes.
- Role provides future experience for Grand Maester and can assist with being knighted.


1) Awards are available for those who have worked for the full duration of Grand Maester.
- After a fresh election the Grand Maester will put forward a vote for the previous person to hold the role.
- Votes will consist of whether they deserve medals for their service.
- Exceptional service can be granted additional rewards if deemed suitable.

2) Specific awards for Knights will be available, that can be put forward by other members of the order.
- Contribution medal ranked (1 - 5).
- Recruitment medal ranked (1- 5).
- Exceptional service medal (1).