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Service Medals

Hail Borlak

Hail Borlak, the saviour of our realm! He is just too damn handsome and amazing! We should all strive to be like Borlak!

100 Posts

Rewarded for 100 Posts. Hello There.

1000 Posts

Rewarded for 1000 Posts. Sitting a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one.

2500 Posts

Rewarded for 2500 Posts. One does not simply walk into Mordor...

5000 Posts

Rewarded for 5000 Posts. Chaos is a Ladder.

10,000 Posts

Rewarded for 10,000 Posts! Service Guarantees Citizenship!

Multiplayer Medals

Newblood Crown

Rewarded for winning an official Newblood competition

Youngblood Crown

Rewarded for winning an official Youngblood competition

Midblood Crown

Rewarded for winning an official Midblood competition

Tournament Crown

Rewarded for winning an official Tournament competition

Wooden Sword

Rewarded for earning 1 Hotseat Victory

Bronze Sword

Rewarded for earning 3 Hotseat Victories

Iron Sword

Rewarded for earning 6 Hotseat Victories

Silver Sword

Rewarded for earning 10 Hotseat Victories

Golden Sword

Rewarded for earning 15 Hotseat Victories

Emerald Sword

Rewarded for earning 20 Hotseat Victories

Ruby Sword

Rewarded for earning 30 Hotseat Victories

Amethyst Sword

Rewarded for earning 40 Hotseat Victories

Sapphire Sword

Rewarded for earning 50 Hotseat Victories

Wooden Shield

Rewarded for finishing 1 Hotseat as Admin

Bronze Shield

Rewarded for finishing 3 Hotseats as Admin

Iron Shield

Rewarded for finishing 6 Hotseats as Admin

Silver Shield

Rewarded for finishing 10 Hotseats as Admin

Golden Shield

Rewarded for finishing 15 Hotseats as Admin

Emerald Shield

Rewarded for finishing 20 Hotseats as Admin

Ruby Shield

Rewarded for finishing 30 Hotseats as Admin

Amethyst Shield

Rewarded for finishing 40 Hotseats as Admin

Sapphire Shield

Rewarded for finishing 50 Hotseats as Admin